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This is a good way for gamblers with a bad gaming habit to find the right methods and improve their games for the future.
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Play roulette online for free while referring to roulette guide books simultaneously.


Learn the basic money management for slot games to always keep yourself in profits.


Develop and learn new strategies for baccarat and use them online with other students.


We provide a healthy, free-to-play gaming environment that helps beginners learn the right methods of casino gaming. We help in achieving the discipline and mindset that a professional player requires while playing any game. Our licensed team is always available to assist you with your games while you are online.

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Top 10 Best Casino Dealer School in Las Vegas

Dealer School

CEG Dealer School

CEG Casino Dealer School has experienced professional dealers from all the famous Las Vegas Casinos. They offer a variety of Casino Dealer Courses with the added advantage of being able to train to be a casino dealer at the campus just 2 miles west of the Las Vegas strip on Sahara and Decatur. Their 12 casino game instructors have more than 250 years of casino gaming experience combined, which is more than 20 years of experience per person.

PCI Dealer School

The instructors at PCI Dealer School encourage the students to prepare for a career as a casino dealer in quite a unique way. They specialize in the areas of casino gaming that are in the highest demand and finally show the highest placement results.

West Coast Dealing School

They believe in modifying and tailoring the instructional techniques they follow to best suit each individual. They try to keep the learning environment fun and entertaining and offer methodical, concise instructions to make sure that you have a successful learning experience. The facilities are new, modern and retrofitted, featuring four custom poker tables, two assigned for tournaments and two equipped as cash tables. It has the very best when it comes to the learning environment as they use casino quality poker chips, all plastic playing cards and even going as far as to using real-looking replica banknotes.

Dealing School

Royal Dealer School

The Royal International School of Gaming is situated at 4535 W Sahara Suite 100A, Las Vegas Nevada. The school offers eight casino instruction courses, including Baccarat, Blackjack, Carnival games, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Poker, and Roulette. Students are given separate areas for check handling, classrooms and skill practice. Their comprehensive education and training facilities provide the students with all the necessary skills required to become a qualified casino dealer. Here at the Royal Dealer School of Gaming, you will receive the attention and personal service you enjoy and deserve. They pride themselves in providing a fun, pressure-free, relaxed environment so that each and every student feels comfortable.

Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending


3-Week Bartending Course

The 3-week Bartending course offers the student the opportunity to master the art of mixing drinks correctly but in the fastest time possible. On graduating, the student will have the ability and confidence to step behind any bar and mix drinks without any hesitation and with utmost proficiency. Practice is vital when it comes to mixology, and therefore students will spend much of their class time behind bars mixing drinks.

12-Week Bartending and Beverage Management Course

Crescent also offers a unique 12-week Beverage Management course which is designed to help you move into the position of Beverage Management or Head Bartender position. If you plan to open your own establishment, Crescent Schools will provide you with all the necessary skills needed to avoid common pitfalls and turn a profit.

20 Best Table Games Dealer Schools


AACC Dealer School

The AACC school will help you prepare to get a state license as a casino dealer. You will learn how to deal with a variety of games, as well as master the customer service skills required to entertain and interact with casino guests at the table. AACC can help get immediate employment opportunities in any one of the six Maryland casinos. So, getting trained here will be an audition for the career of a lifetime. Applicants can begin by signing up for an introductory information session as a means to learn about free classes that are available to eligible new students. When they successfully complete the course, students will earn an AACC continuing education certificate and will be able to audition for employment at any casino for the post of casino dealer. One of the fastest-growing industries on the east coast, the demand for casino dealers, are expected to increase in Maryland by 14 per cent by the year 2024, and each one of the six Maryland casinos will be employing more dealers to meet the demand for new jobs in the coming years.



Crescent’s Casino Dealer Training programs give updated, relevant instructions on all the latest gaming techniques and trends. Based on the basic skills employers want to see in their dealers, the students will have to learn what players like to see in the dealers as well as they interact with and tip on the casino floor. With their hands-on teaching techniques, Crescent School graduates end up having a complete understanding of the casino business. Additionally, they will be thoroughly conversant with the techniques, equipment, rules, procedures, theory and systems in their choice of one of the following casino games: Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Mini-Baccarat/Carnival Games and Roulette. The skills and abilities of the student will be developed so much so that it qualifies them for employment at an entry-level position or even higher in the exciting casino industry.


CCAC Casino Dealer Training School

CCAC offers casino dealer training classes in partnership with Rivers Casino. After completing their training course, you will be equipped with the skills you need to join the casino gaming industry. Since its opening in February of 2016, CCAC’s Casino Dealer School has been up and running, training employees as well as those seeking employment in the casino industry. CCAC and Rivers Casino have together created a strong partnership providing casino training in a wide variety of table games. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has approved the school and is also recognized by all the casinos in the state as well as some casinos out-of-state. Students in the entry-level course receive a total of 120 hours of training in blackjack and other banked games which includes several poker derivative games.

How to Become a Casino Dealer: Salary, Training & Hiring


Dice, chips, cards, arcade machines and countless movies might spring to mind when you hear the word casino. One of the first places that come to mind when the word casino is heard is arguably Las Vegas. A casino dealer earns about seven to ten dollars an hour depending on their experience.

If you are a person who loves gambling, or has a knack for it, becoming a casino dealer might seem like the dream job. However, keep in mind that it is not a job everyone would pursue. Becoming a casino dealer is not just about playing games throughout your working hours. In most cases, in order to become a professional casino dealer and to be hired as one, you will have to go to a casino training school.

Become a Casino Dealer: Best Tips

Dealer School

You need to get professional training done from a dealer school or do a vocational course. These casino courses fully train you on how to play casino games like blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, etc. They teach insider secrets on how to increase a player’s probability of winning at each game, train you on the mathematics required to shuffle and count cards, and handle chips. When gambling at a casino as a guest, you will need to have good knowledge of the game, as well as a good stroke of luck with you in order to win. However, when you are working as a dealer, it is your duty to increase the chances of you winning the higher hand, since it is going to bring a profit for the casino, and eventually for you as well.

Dealer School

You Have To Be A Mathematical Wiz

The games played in casinos like blackjack, craps and poker work on highly complex mathematical rules. To increase your chances of winning at such a table, you will need to calculate probabilities and decipher what the value of the opponents’ card is in order to beat them. In addition, you will need to have multi-tasking skills, because working as a casino dealer means that you will need to work at more than one table at a time. You will need to have a sharp mind because you need to keep in mind the scores and values of each player on the table, and still be able to crunch numbers at a fast pace.

You Need To Provide A Detailed Background Of Yourself

Once you are through with all the necessary training, you need to apply to a casino of your choice in order to get work as a dealer. Not only will they try your skills at both handling games as well as possibly drunk clients, but you will also need to provide a detailed history of yourself. This information can be anything from last employers information and your previous job, to where you grew up and studied, family history, medical history, criminal records etc.

4 Important Benefits of Educational Games as a Casino School Quality


For providing excellent learning opportunities, education system programs must be implemented. This is the reason why you must make sure that the casino school has programs designed to make you understand it easier but at the same time better. The use of educational games in an institution is arguably one of the most important things that you should be looking for in a casino school. Here are four reasons why it is regarded so.

Memory Enhancement

Most casino games are built around memorization. Certain aspects of a particular topic need to be recalled effectively for it to be used in solving a game, but most importantly, this allows a student to memorize patterns and sequences. When you decide to get employed at a casino, you need to memorize many things since the functioning of such an establishment is very sensitive and any mishaps that could happen can ruin everything in a flash.

Develops Fast Problem-solving Skills

When playing a game, you will most likely be involved in a competition. When you compete in this way, you will be forced to think of ways to finish faster than the opponent by coming up with lucrative strategies that would make the game easier on your part. The longer you indulge yourself in educational games, the better developed your problem-solving skills will become. This is very helpful in casino management since there will be times where customers will be blatantly unreasonable, and you will have to think of new ways to pacify them fast to avoid the unnecessary commotion.


Hand-eye Coordination

There are educational games which can only be accessed with the help of a computer. You need to be able to play some of these games because it dramatically increases your hand-eye coordination. With respect to casino management, having good hand-eye coordination separates you from other card dealers.

Building Skills

Playing a game allows you to develop specific skill sets which you can use in real life. It is unreasonable to think that such skills cannot be taught and acquired overnight. However, these games need to be encouraged at regular intervals so as to give space for other learning mediums to be utilized efficiently but enough to help them get a headstart at building the skill.

Building Skills

Different instructors adhere to their own teaching techniques but to be fair; there is no one ‘correct’ way of teaching. The reason for this is that when students receive your style, some may conform to it while some others might not. Make sure that the curriculum they follow encourages different teaching styles because that way, an instructor will be able to find ways to relay what they want to teach, hence making you understand the concept much better.

3 Easiest Sports to Bet on and Win

Beginners will surely find it hard to make a buck from the stack of coins they wager on the various games in a casino. It is even more difficult to gain an advantage in sports betting. There is no denying that putting money on the outcome of sports in the hope of winning larger amounts is a risky business. However, the high point of the adrenaline rush it brings to life is something no other activity can possibly achieve. But you must always stick to your roots and be within your limits to avoid massive losses. When you are venturing into sports betting, make sure you learn about the different sports in your country. Since numerous sports events are being held, choosing the best one for your level of expertise can be hard at times. Let us look at some of the easiest sports you can bet on to win.

1.      Football

Many people may find it strange to see football on top even today. It remains the easiest sport you can bet on to make money. Although hundreds of punters have lost millions of dollars in this game, aspirants keep rushing to the front to have a taste of the success. Football is undoubtedly is easiest of all sports to make money from, but that doesn’t discount the fact that the process is difficult. You cannot get your hands on the money until you make the right decisions. Without the best tips and strategies to help you, winning would be a far-fetched dream. But the beauty of this sport lies in the mammoth possibility of winning money once you have learned the game and its implications. Beating the upsets of this low-scoring sport is the challenge, and when you do it, winning becomes easy.

2.      Horse Racing

This isn’t as good an option as football betting, but it does offer you wonderful winning opportunities. Since not many websites have the features to provide punters with horse racing bets, you might have to search for the best platforms to foray into this sport. To the onlookers, every horse may have an equal chance to win the match. Predicting outcomes become more comfortable as you gain more experience in the horse racing bets.

3.      Tennis Betting

Unlike in the other sports betting options, you will have to wager huge amounts of money to win big in tennis betting. This sport also offers fewer tournaments but provides bettors with enough opportunities to have a strong shot. You might know the top players in all leagues; so, deciding which player to bet on is a cinch. It is the amount of money you want to bet that determines your success. Since you have high chances to win, betting big should be your call since the odds are relatively low. The bookmakers have made it rather low because of the certainty of the outcomes of many matches held in the tournaments.

3 Tips for Successful Sports Betting

Not all gamblers love sports betting, but many of them enjoy watching the matches. If you have ever thought of the reason for this, the conclusion could be of the risk involved in the uncertainty of the outcomes. But all types of gamblers should expect losses from the bets. For anyone who is planning to venture into sports betting, the vast gambling space might appear intimidating at first. Once you familiarize yourself with the working of every game and betting option, the whole activity becomes a lot easier to deal with. Winning money from every bet may not be possible unless you make the right decisions. You must use effective strategies to weave your way through the field of unpredictable events. Here are a few tips you must bear in mind to have successful sports bets.

Set Objectives

When you want to win money from sports bets, your progress should be definitive by taking a path to massive wins. Anyone who knows about the sport will have a basic understanding of when and where to place a bet. Predicting the outcome may not always work simply by making calculations. In order to earn money from the bets, you must set objectives that are achievable. Without having a clear track to success, all your funds could be lost in the lingering haze. Knowledge alone will not propel you to the big wins; the goal you have set for your betting career also plays a crucial role. Having realistic long-term goals will surely take you through hard phases but might help you salvage the voyage and set sail again to success. If you are unsure about the objectives, you must first learn all the possible achievements and create one for yourself.

Learn the Sports

No sports bet will land correctly to set the cash registers ringing until you wager on the most profitable markets. By learning the basics of the sport, you improve your chances of winning. A better position can be acquired in the process when you know the sport inside out. The fundamentals will only prime you for the first few bets; what follows will need a deeper understanding of the working of the sport.

Set a Budget

Every other tip is important, but this is something you have to practice right from the beginning. Setting a budget for your bets will help you gain stable positions. If you don’t want to lose huge amounts of money in sports bets, you must start by setting a budget. Having a daily budget, a weekly budget or a monthly budget will provide you with information regarding the funds remaining to be used for your essentials. Always bet with the money you can afford to lose, meaning every penny you put into the pot should be deemed an entertainment expense rather than an investment. You should also be using a staking plan to stick to the budget in every game.

Health Benefits of Gambling

Of all the forms of entertainment, the most popular pastime in many parts of the world is gambling. Though it has gained such great traction in the past decade, not everyone is open to accepting gambling as a healthy hobby. The games will not affect you or turn you into an addict unless you decide to make the sessions more about money and less fun. All these points prove that gambling is still considered a sordid act of putting money on uncertain outcomes to win bigger amounts. Most of them are unaware that gambling is also associated with certain benefits. The industry not only helps the economy grow but also impacts the individuals to bring positive changes in their lives. Casinos and sportsbooks offer sessions in such enticing ways to bat the eyelids of everyone out there. If you are still against placing bets on such events, check out the following health benefits of gambling.

Makes Gamblers Happier

Gambling, unlike other forms of entertainment, has the potential to keep people on the edge of their seats and entertain them at the same time. Science has proven that gambling makes people happier. Several studies regarding this topic have dived deeper to find that those who gamble as a hobby experienced more joy than people who don’t. It is said to have the power to improve your mood by putting a smile on your face. The level of happiness rose in those who engaged in casino games and sports bets. When this was compared with those who watch television and movies for entertainment, the results were quite surprising for the people who are averse to gambling. Engaging in gambling does indeed make people happier; it is one great way to escape the stresses.

Better Skills

This benefit may not have been addressed more often like the others. You pick up skills while playing the games, training your mind and brain to be more attentive and observant of the details. The numbers and patterns also play an important role in developing your abilities. When your brain gets engaged in such activities frequently, it helps you in other situations as well. Gamblers will also use strategies and tactics to improve their game; when you do so, mental exercise is going on to build your psyche. By learning the games and the techniques, you are challenging yourself to adapt to the conditions on the table or machine to win, further improving your overall skills.


If you are an introvert, there is no better way to socialize than gambling. When you are at a casino, you meet many other players. Conversing with like-minded people will help build your friends’ circle. This form of entertainment brings people together to have a social experience. You can also bring in your friends or family to have fun with them. Gambling is essentially an activity that helps connect people with similar interests. Socialization is a great way to escape your tedious professional life.

Top 3 Benefits of Online Sports Betting

Many things have played crucial roles in the development of the world economy. Industries functioning all across the globe have been contributing immensely to the overall structure of the system. Unless you have a proper understanding of the working of the markets, earning profits can be quite challenging. Betting was long considered a form of investment but has now shifted to the entertainment sector. People had to travel long distances to the casinos with sportsbooks to place a bet on the match. However, the gambling scene has changed for good, offering people multiple opportunities to venture into sports betting easily. Online sports betting has become a new and convenient form of gambling. People have plenty of reasons to prefer online options to sportsbooks. Let us look at some of the benefits of betting on online bookmakers as opposed to sportsbooks in casinos.


There is no better reason for you to try out online sports betting. Everyone is given the freedom to experiment with their skills on the internet, while they may have to make certain decisions out of pressure when surrounded by a hundred other bettors. You can also access these platforms from anywhere in the world without taking a ride through the traffic. Take breaks and come back to bet on the match; none of it would actually be possible to such a degree when spending all your time at the casino. All bettors are free to place their bets whenever they want, be it during work or meals.


As you may know, online casinos and sports betting sites are offering multiple promotions to entice more bettors. You shouldn’t fall for every reward on the sites. Check through the terms and conditions to make sure you aren’t signing up for something that triggers massive losses. Look for the best sites with excellent promotions, and go for the ones that require lower bet amounts to be paid out. Keeping those facts aside, you now know another reason to opt for online sports betting. Take advantage of the bonuses to gain a better position while you bet on a sport.


Payment Options

One of the most attractive features of online sportsbooks is that you can wager on the matches through any available payment method. You don’t have to deposit money in cash as you do in the casinos. Several convenient options such as online payment, debit and credit cards, and cryptocurrency are offered on most websites, making the games progress faster. Also, most of these options are safe; so, you don’t need to worry about the money being lost in the course of the game. The sites can be trusted with your money as long as they have a reputable position in the market. Make sure to check the reviews before signing up for the services of a platform. Avoid those with constantly changing conditions of withdrawal.

Tips on How to Start Gambling Online

The gambling scene has irrevocably changed over the years, bringing online betting options into the picture. People have been relying on websites to make money with entertainment funds. Though the sites have been around for more than two decades, it was only in the last few years that these platforms gained more traction. This has resulted in many people ending up approaching online gambling options with apprehension. If you are a beginner, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from making your first move in the market. But you must learn the basics before venturing into any form of gambling. Casinos and sportsbooks offer multiple options to make money. However, you cannot leverage any of these opportunities without being properly oriented with the working of each game. Since online gambling is ambiguous with several categories, you need to dive deeper to understand the structures. Let us look at a few tips on how to start online gambling.

1.      Understand the Laws

Not every country and state have legalized gambling. So, the most realistic thing to do is to start by finding if online gambling is legal in your region or not. Learn all the basic gambling laws to make the right moves as you weave your way through the market. Online gambling regulatory authorities exist in areas where gambling is legal. Make sure you are not committing a crime by signing up for a game in any online casino. Also, you can only play if you are of the legal gambling age.

2.      Choose a Good Online Casino

Many people end up in a debacle of a game because of the phony site. You cannot always expect the best from a website; so, you need to check the reputation before logging into the platform. Since you are a beginner, it is best to look for novice-friendly sites. Knowing the different types of casinos, you can make the right decision. Go through the reviews of the sites you have narrowed down to. Choose the one with great reviews, a wide array of gaming options, a variety of payment options, and a reputable software provider.

3.      Stay Safe

When you are betting online, make sure to stay within the safe zone by taking all the necessary precautions. Not all these measures may work because several sites have been developed to thieve the gamblers of their money. Always check the license of the site since it is the most important sign of reputation and reliability. Avoid every casino that has been blacklisted by the reviewers.


4.      Play for Free

Every beginner must bear this tip in mind. Since you are playing online, take advantage of the exclusive features of every site. Almost all online casinos offer free games; so, start by playing these sessions that require no deposits. Keep practicing these games before putting money into the uncertain outcomes. The no-deposit bonuses can be used for free games to earn more benefits.

4 Facts About U.S. Sports Betting

The global economy has multiple pillars, and the gambling industry is surely one of them. Though several bans were imposed upon betting in many countries for centuries, the situation changed for good. However, numerous regions oppose the prospect of earning a great deal of money from the practice of gambling. The U.S. has always seen the bright side of the game, leading them to helm the gambling business with ease and absolute finesse. Asia hasn’t completely imbibed the features of casino gambling and sports betting options to offer citizens galore entertainment. However, Macau is an exception. Let us focus more on the facts about sports betting in the U.S.

1.      Beginners Prefer Basketball

American sports are known to have fans from all across the globe, but the one that garners the big bets from the first-time bettors is basketball. This could be attributed to the number of games held per year as opposed to the other sports in the country. When considering college and professional basketball together, the revenue earned from the bets alone can keep the business running for several bookmakers. Anyone interested in sports betting would most likely make their first bet in basketball for its immense popularity. Operators have been offering the best options with exclusive benefits to entice more players to the platforms.

2.      Many New Bets are In-Game

Game providers are seriously mulling over the possibility of offering bettors more in-game betting options. More than one-quarter of new bettors wager on in-game events. The new approach to sports betting in the U.S. makes the whole idea of making money from sports widely accepted. In-game playing functionality could be one of the reasons for many people to sign up for the services of such platforms. Continuous betting is available with this feature, further building a great live experience for the bettors. They can take breaks and come back to bet again through the progress of the game.


3.      Cash is Spread on Future Markets

Bettors can go on to spread their money across numerous teams when wagering in the futures market. Several individuals have backed more than ten teams at a time to win at the various leagues. Event information needs to be updated regularly for the bettors to have the right prices and odds in futures.

4.      There is More than Just the NBA and the NFL

You may expect the big sports leagues to grab all the attention, but that doesn’t happen often. Once you are familiar with the market, its working becomes easier to understand. More than 60% of bettors wager on other sports that aren’t a part of the NFL or NBA. If you are a novice, you need to accept the fact that focusing on a particular sport or league isn’t bringing you much fortune. You must begin to love other sports or at least learn the basics solely for earning money from those leagues and individual matches.

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